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Whether can use the detergent, water instead?

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - 01 first, good quality car wind cleaner is mainly composed of ethylene glycol, water, alcohol and some additives. The presence of alcohol and glycol can obviously reduce the freezing point of liquid, prevent freezes detergent, additive can decontamination. Therefore, we can simply think, detergent is a mixture of water and some things. Therefore, tap water is one of the biggest problems - - - Do not freeze. The freezing point of water is only 0 ℃, in addition, the volume swells when frozen. So, if you use tap water to replace, there will be a great hidden danger in the winter. One is the scour pot water freeze can not come out, the second is due to the expansion of the ice, may expand cracking kettle, it is not worth the loss. In addition, as mentioned above, in addition to the freezing point, detergent and mixed with detergent, cleaning effect is better. And tap water has a general cleaning effect, can remove some of the common stains. Windshield not clean, is not necessarily a wiper. Wiper, after all, only to touch the glass surface by a layer of soft rubber. It still can't deal with many stains. Summer, for example, the glass always leaves a lot of dead worms, when they stopped under a tree, it is easy to gum soiled. 。 。 And effective cleaning detergent ingredients can be better to clean up the mess. Detergent is not all, of course, in other words, if the only way is to use clean glass detergent twice, so even if you use the detergent is more advanced, is still not enough. Finally, we summarize: can you use tap water instead of detergent? Is possible in theory, but remember not to do when the temperature is below 0 ℃. To prevent inflation and burst kettle. Had better use detergent, don't in order to save so little money. Choose scour the freezing point of the most important is to look at it, especially in northeast China. Choosing a detergent, freezing point temperature must be lower than the local minimum. Otherwise, the ice will freeze, everything will be useless. Don't blindly believe in detergent. The complexity of the stain is not that the detergent can completely fixed. In addition, the range of wiper cannot cover all the windshield, still there will be a little blind spots. If you don't have a regular habit of washing the car, small make up also recommends cleaning the car glass on a regular basis. If you don't want to buy detergent, can use ordinary kitchen detergent. A: what is the effect of urea solution purity of vehicle?
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