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What role does the cleaning detergent formulation analysis?

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
1, 3 - Ten working days to get the basic formula. 2, used in product development, can shorten the development cycle is 40% - Costs by 10% - 80%, technology 30%. 3, high-end product formula, can be used to guide formulation improvement, process optimization, groping efficiency increased by 30% - than itself 60%. 4, analysis of peer formula, 'the enemy and know yourself', a short period of time beyond the competitors. 5, through analyzing the brand formula and composition detection, after debugging, achieve the goal of imitation production. 6, professional technical support, to solve the problem of products, ingredients don't have to worry about! Improve research tailored to do. 7, formulation reduction, formula improvement of the various components of the sample accurate qualitative, quantitative and reach the purpose of sample reduction formula. Accurate analysis of the service: effectively solve all kinds of analysis problem, nearly 100% accuracy analysis cycle: 10% faster than the global average analysis cycle - 35%, effectively increase the analysis efficiency of high-end technical talent: experienced analysis and technical personnel, to ensure that the center has been leading the development direction of test analysis. Cleaning detergent formulation analysis applicable range of products including: 1) Plastic formula analysis: plastic masterbatch, modified plastics, plastic fertilizer, plastic, plastic wire, plastic materials, plastic materials, plastic film, foam, plastic pipe, plastic different profile, cable sheath insulation, etc. 2) Rubber formula analysis: modification of rubber, rubber materials, rubber hose, adhesive tape, rubber gasket, tires, seals, film, etc. 3) Analysis of the paint recipe: anticorrosive coatings, uv-curable coating, waterproof coating, insulation coating conductive coating, high temperature resistant coating, emulsioni paint. 4) Adhesive formula analysis: latex, two-sided glue, epoxy glue, polyurethane rubber, silicone rubber and phenolic resin adhesive, pouring sealant, adhesive, butyl rubber, hair gel, and so on. 5) Fine chemicals formula analysis: cosmetics, skin care products, industrial and civil cleaning agent, metal surface treatment agent, liquid metal processing, polishing agent, release agent, construction additives, water treatment agent, paper surface treatment agent, textile auxiliaries, leather auxiliaries, oil additives, processing agent, flux, embellish version of liquid, surfactant, electronic chemicals and additives and other auxiliaries, etc. Next up: test method for determination of phosphorus content laundry detergent formulation on an article: introduction to washing powder marketing methods are there?
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