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What role do they play detergent production line for water treatment equipment

by:Meibao     2020-10-17
In the detergent production line, water treatment equipment is one of the biggest auxiliary equipment, is also the detergent production line investment proportion of the larger device. Today, let's take a look at why detergent production line to water treatment equipment? Water treatment equipment and no water treatment equipment is the difference between production out of dish detergent? Water treatment equipment determines the detergent in the detergent production line quality and detergent transparency is bright, etc. If using ordinary water, detergent production. Produce detergent easy metamorphism, and ordinary water contains a variety of trace elements and minerals, such as bacteria, so produce the detergent easy metamorphism, so if you want to produce high-grade detergent, hardcover, detergent, etc. , must want to water treatment equipment. The transparency of detergent, is also a measure of detergent good or bad. Making detergent with ordinary water color is not bright, dark. With treated water to make detergent color bright, clear. Laundry detergent washing powder production equipment next article: parsing - laundry detergent production line equipment - Water making devices a: parsing - laundry detergent production line equipment - Sterilization deodorization device
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