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What is the effect of urea solution purity of vehicle?

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - 01 now after the effective date of the four specifications, many owners are filling detergent solution. But how many car owners to use and effect of the detergent production equipment solution is thorough understanding? And the purity of vehicle what is the effect? Average person all know, is the role of detergent of motor vehicle exhaust gas nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen gas and water out, it can reach the intention of the energy-saving and environmental protection. And the quality of the washing powder is different, also represents the purity of it may also be different, therefore, the vehicle maintenance role, of course, also is different. Purity is not enough, when using the washing powder equipment solution with particulate matter or heavy metal ions of sundry, the will of vehicle SCR system of nozzle, filters and other components to form a serious damage, unnecessary economic losses. Other, low quality of detergent solution if the chemical composition is not high, for example, through the water, will form the catalysis Clinton, that is to say, car tail gas recovery does not reach the clean thoroughly, clean car exhaust emissions will lose the meaning of the original. In an article: washing powder equipment how to extend the deadline
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