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We invest in production of detergent should pay attention to?

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
We invest in production of detergent should pay attention to? Detergent production machine company summed up the following points: 1, technical formula is the most critical without a good formula, home to the high cost, simply can't make money. Some back simply do not want the product, to is useless formula, or the old formula for hundreds of years ago. Not suitable for the market now, don't sell out. 2, select a qualified to join the company some company said his company has strength, what certificate, patent certificate, a lot of television advertising, please star agent, etc. , the company pay special attention to, is to exaggerate himself, let you rest assured to cooperate with them. Now is the Internet age, certificates, patents can inquire on the net, or to the relevant departments can also be detected, if not, are fool. As you all know, advertising on TV, please star is better high cost, where are these costs, even if he please, where are they cost, can only sell the making machine at a high price, otherwise, he will get so much money to invest, if he has hundreds of millions of assets, will sell making machine? So be sure to go to inspection, the real strength of the company, not blowing everywhere in big companies. 3, according to their own needs to purchase detergent production machine purchasing according to their own requirements. But some people will say, I just start a business, don't know what to buy, making machine, I analysis under below: in fact, small workshops, it is ok to have a production machine, a production machine can usually put the finished product production come out, buy again filling machine ( The filling machine has a specialized production factory, can go to compare the prices, no filling machine, manual filling can be all, just slow down a little) , to find dedicated to do the filler manufacturer to compare the prices, if reasonable can purchase, if high, or to purchase on the market. Later slowly to do, what want to increase your making machine, what increases making machine. Can start don't be too big investment, production and sales. Detergent production factory house, the previous: detergent production note!
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