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Washing supplies, gold start-ups demand

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
More rapid pace of life, people have higher request for health and hygiene standards, the typical family cleaning such as laundry, wash, wash, wash feet, some washing the floor, kitchen, bathroom, glass, lampblack machine, air conditioning and other household cleaning and maintenance activities, also need to be more professional cleaning and washing products. In addition, such as small packaging, hotel shampoo, shower gel, soap, detergent, floor cleaner, clean sheets, cleaning detergent and disinfectant used in catering industry market more vast. Large office buildings, p&g quite striking consumption of the cleaning products. According to relevant state departments survey analysis shows: daily makeup washing supplies market in China has considerable development potential, and maintain steady growth quickly. 2002 - Average annual compound growth rate in 2008 will remain at 13. 64% left and right sides, the cosmetic market will still be faster than the national economic growth and rapid development, the relatively fast growth of the cleaning products market, the size of the market in 2007, daily chemical industry is expected to reach 1559. 400 million yuan, the growth rate of 13. 85%; Cosmetic market forecast will reach 1873 in 2008. 600 million yuan, the growth rate up to 13. 9%; The size of the market in 2009 is expected to reach 200 billion yuan, growth rate of 12. 8%. All kinds of brand of washing powder, detergent, hand sanitizer, laundry, shower gel, water chemical investment become the gold project, is to form a market of at the end of the hing ai, in addition, shampoo, detergent, shower gel, hand sanitizer, such as liquid cleaning products, is also appear from single function to function synthesis to the trend of the functional segmentation. And liquid products more huge profit space, by marketing world as one of ten big profits on the market today! Detergent production factory house, the previous: shampoo production of common problems and solutions
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