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Washing products constantly updated, more suitable for the environmental protection and requirements

by:Meibao     2020-10-16
Environment and environmental problem has always been a problem of concern in recent years, many industries are affected, some industries to upgrade products and equipment to meet the requirements for some new environmental protection, and some industry products and equipment to be eliminated by can't accord with the requirement of environmental protection. Once upon a time people pursue interests while ignoring the environment protection, causing severe damage to the natural environment. Now people see gradually destroy the natural environment, the consequences of began to consciousness, have issued some policies and eliminate a large number of heavily polluting enterprises. Such as vehicle emissions requirements gradually improve, coal to electricity, mercury-free battery, 5 does not contain phosphorus washing products. Environmental protection not only to eliminate some enterprises and products, but also promote the upgrading of some products, today take said washing products over the years, as environmental awareness has increased, and gradually replace new washing products. People pursue the washing effect at the beginning, in order to make clothing washing cleaner, so add the phosphorus in the washing products. Although can make clothes cleaner, but phosphorus pollution of water quality is also very serious, then corresponding environmental protection idea, invention phosphorus washing products. Along with the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, we not only want to pollution, but also to prevent in advance, washing product upgrade again, thus developed, are more likely to rinse wash products such as laundry detergent, etc. , thus reducing the life waste water discharge. After calling for people to participate in the environmental protection, if you were still in the environmental damage, environmental pollution, in the future you will be one hundred times one thousand times to return you 'debt owed to the environment.
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