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Washing product packaging bottle production line is for factory use

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
On zhejiang many washing machine production and technology of national patents, the set of washing machine production, washing raw materials processing, washing products, washing products technical support, invention patents, registered trademarks, inspection certificate, national Ministry of Science and Technology, environmental protection, such as pollution-free washing technology project qualification authorized the use of the service to a body, hand in hand to the old and new users, to create new pattern of win-win of washing products with international characteristic. Established on this basis, the plastic products factory, the introduction of international advanced bottle blowing machines, injection molding machine, washing product packaging bottles will be put into production. Ecological net, blue moon, and made white, tide washing products such as bottles, which one would you like a bottle design? Our factory supply detergent bottles, detergent bottles, glass bottles, antifreeze, washing powder packaging barrels, etc.
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