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Washing powder products won national institutions relevant certification

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
Detergent solution called Adblue in Europe, in North America, called DEF ( Diesel Exhaust Fluid, namely Diesel Exhaust treatment Fluid) In domestic referred to as the detergent solution or 'blue'. High purity and cleanliness requirements of the detergent solution, relative to the industrial urea, biuret, insolubles, iron, sulfide, chloride content have strict requirements. Metal ion poisoning because of SCR catalyst carrier easily happened to lose their catalytic effect, so the level of ultrapure water detergent solution must use the electronic industry. Generally speaking, 32 current detergent solution. High purity 5% urea, and 67. 5% of ultrapure water, because the minimum concentration of urea solution crystallization point, below - When it is 11 degrees. To prevent low temperature solution crystallization and solidification, at present is to reduce by adding modified agent solution, additional heating device to prevent freezing point. Detergent solution in catalytic reduction reaction control is a process, a very fine of urea injection quantity must match the NOx concentration, of urea injection quantity too little, is short of proper treatment, of urea injection quantity is overmuch, can make excess ammonia atmosphere, lead to new pollution. In December 2016, by the independent research and development of laundry detergent to the national light industry spices cosmetics detergent making machine quality supervision and inspection wuhan station, according to the GB2440 - 2001 detection basis, such as washing powder, makes the product accord with a standard to ask.
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