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Washing powder manufacturer about detergent tank maintenance

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
Open trucks friends must know that start is inseparable from the detergent solution, there is enough to use the vehicle for normal detergent solution. Use detergent solution not only effectively reduce the pollution of the atmosphere, also save on diesel fuel consumption and prolong the service life of the truck. So during the process of using detergent, how are we to maintain solution washing powder making machine? This for many people, also is not very understanding, detergent manufacturers today about using the detergent solution box gave you talk about what matters need to pay attention to? 1, in the urea solution that the urea in the urea solution is unqualified, need to change the qualified urea solution. Loosen the urea urea plug on the box, put off the residual liquid, clean urea tank, filling qualified urea solution. 2, the post-processor imported sealing after checking the processor assembly after removal of the inlet outlet need to switch to a new gasket. 3, check the urea urea box filling inlet filter open mouth to conduct inspection. If discover the urea box can take out the filter cleaning when filter clogging. 4, and urea pipettes mesh check when urea pump built abnormal pressure, in addition to check line, also check pipettes filter blockage, to clean or replace if necessary. 5, oil and gas separator check replacement cycle: replacing oil filter, diesel filter to replace the air filter, because the system has pressure, change when pay attention to safety. 6, urea solution pipeline inspection. Should keep the urea mouth filling, filling machine, Funnel, etc. ) And its adjacent area clean, otherwise when charging urea solution urea dust and other impurities into the box, cause the filter clogging, aging, and the problem of pollution of urea solution. Check box urea and urea solution line should not be leakage phenomenon, should be cut off from the outside pollution. Note: check shall not be arbitrarily disconnect the connector, or foreign bodies will bypass the filter unit directly infringe on post-processing system. Must be disconnected, need to clean the interface and its adjacent area and then disconnect and protect joints, such as adding dust cover, to avoid foreign body into the pipeline, metering pump and nozzle. Detergent production factory house, the previous: importance of laundry detergent formulation, high quality formula can produce high efficiency laundry detergent
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