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Washing powder equipment: use detergent laundry matters needing attention

by:Meibao     2020-10-17
One, the dosage should be appropriate if it is not appropriate to use the following result: 1, not completely cleared the remaining lotion is likely to cause in the process of finishing heating clothing color. 2, after using the lotion emissions of excessive can cause river pollution. 3, not completely cleared the remaining lotion can cause clothes instead of secondary pollution, often with rotavirus pollution residues on the clothes. We have to deal with the results of the above methods: 1) Stick to a stain if special cloth or more expensive clothes please immediately after simple disposal to your trust the laundry. 2) Disposal way is to take tissue sucked up don't wipe stain liquid or with a wet paper towels will stain with pigment recede, do not wipe, doing so will make pollution scope expands to uniform processing, will form the light. 3) When using general laundry treating agent to take to be cleaned as soon as possible, don't let the drug leave too long on the cloth. 4) Stick to any stain should remember to inform the cleaner's on for reagents for processing. Second, pay attention to other types of knitted clothing, knitting class 1 to put into the laundry to drop the washing machine in the grid. And hang dry ( Deformation) 2, laundry additives should rinse stage to be put into use in the laundry process. Three, attention should be paid to categorize the clothes before washing: 1, white clothes must be separated from other wash; 2, design and color clothes to wash for the first time, in the first wash small corner try some faded. Should pay attention to when to wear silk, silk of ultraviolet ( Sunshine, soda clean air-conditioning mulser emulsifying mixer machine static mixer air filters filter fluorescent lamp) Resistance is very weak, easy to cause fade, so should avoid directly to the sun. Remedy: ( 1) Receive clothes in the closet; ( 2) Absolutely not in the window and under the fluorescent lamp. 2, perfume and cleave, setting agent in before wash is invisible have different shape but can produce change color after dry cleaning. Remedy: we put perfume spray directly on the body and set send to the agent after the spray again. Is 3, silk protein fabric, if stored in high humidity place and cleave stain untreated, easy to moldy or insect bites. Remedy: ( 1) Using liquid desiccant and pest control. ( 2) Change garments according to the laundry after collection, still have to check. Four, silk of sweat and the rain weak acid liquid endurance is rather weak, easy to cause a bright feeling loss of clothing color. Remedy: ( 1) Sweat more people under the silk clothes and lingerie. ( 2) Rainy days don't wear fabric. Five, carrying bag, the friction problems should be paid attention to, this will cause fabric luster loss and loose crack silk goods. Remedy: ( 1) With a u-shaped ring style collocation. ( 2) Action should be paid attention to. ( 3) Reference clothing label indicated by the way. Shampoo washing powder production equipment: next article on what kind of laundry detergent washing powder production equipment can produce an article: how to operate detergent technology formulation and production machinery and equipment
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