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Washing powder a vast market, low threshold, to invest to make money

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 along with the rapid development of science and technology, the car has become a substitute for travel, transportation, unable to clamp down on people. According to incomplete statistics, the average 1. 3 families will have a car, it also led to a demand for auto market after the crazy type. Since January 1st, the national implementation of the diesel exhaust countries five emission standards. Diesel vehicles to achieve the five emission standard, need equipped with exhaust gas after the processor. At present, medium-duty commercial vehicles widely used SCR technology; And, as the emission standard upgrade, light trucks also gradually adopt SCR technology route. But after using SCR processor will need to add the concentration is 32. 5% of the urea solution, through chemical reaction to reduce the concentration of nitrogen oxide, so as to achieve the five emission standards. Production of automobile maintenance is a highly profitable industry, seemingly profound, introduction to actually very common. Mechanical equipment co. , LTD. , specializing in the production car maintenance supplies equipment and technical formula. Technology BaoJiao packets, implements the 'one-stop' work style service, make your production sales worry-free, net profit according to the product categories range from several times to dozens times. The main customer group has the auto supplies wholesalers, car beauty shop, the wash, gas station, 4 s shop, various types of car repair shop, auto parts city, bus companies, such as team and service in the field of auto after market places. Mechanical equipment in the market continue to progress and development, efficient car washing equipment in the market to launch a variety of effects of washing powder, detergent, detergent automobile maintenance products and so on a series of products, got a good reputation. As to improve self and upgrading of products. We elaborate design form a complete set of production equipment, washing powder equipment is multi-usage, can produce a variety of car maintenance supplies and household cleaning products, for small and medium-sized investors to open a shop business, set up the factory to provide a reliable guarantee. Company's long-term to provide technical support and the development of the domestic well-known brand update service, fully master all kinds of car maintenance supplies and household cleaning products technical formula, and collect consumer's feedback information, according to the individual needs of different customers with great meet different consumer demand of new products and services. A: users how to choose suits own detergent?
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