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Washing national environmental policy making machine innovation and development response

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
After 90 s, China's detergent rights long fast making machine market, the industry got rapid development in China, but it also brings more environmental problems. In recent 20 years main motivation is to promote the development of the whole chemical industry environmental protection, the world each big brand also in the pursuit of the goal. At first, people in order to achieve a better cleaning effect, add 'p' in washing powder and so on to help lotion, enhance decontamination effect, to ensure the effect of the surfactant. Later, eutrophication was blamed for environmental degradation of performance obviously, someone will blame of phosphorus detergent, from then on, phosphorus detergent was gradually replaced by no phosphorus detergent. With the increase of detergent consumption, environmental pollution is more and more big, the development of green detergent to become the trend of The Times. The harm to the environment than traditional daily chemical industry, emerging cosmetic companies start from raw material to reduce the pollution to the environment, pure natural plant as the main ingredients or choose easy biodegradation, pollution-free, pollution-free green environmental protection material production of supplies has become a trend of daily chemical industry development in the new century. Plant raw material application is more and more widely, microbial surfactant. Appear on the market a variety of plant formula of detergent, plant formula on the surface, but in fact many are formula in the table to join some kind of plant ingredients, is not really a pure plant, effect also has very big disparity. Although in such a market environment, make product enterprise, there are some really not too much publicity, provide the really good products to market. Is one of the representatives of domestic brands, can be in temperature, PH value and salinity in extreme conditions, and non-toxic and biodegradable. The technology not only to the human body and skin with high safety, and environmental protection, very much, so to speak, this is the future sustainable security environmental protection detergent production must be a technology. Tied the technology is widely used all over the production of the products. In the package of supplies, all kinds of environmental protection packing to dedicated super big, become a hot brand to follow each other. Environmental protection concept is gradually changing the consumer concept of life and choice attitude, become the pursuit of contemporary cosmetic products, health and clean become a popular trend. If it changes the traditional cumbersome packaging using simple packaging, reduce the excessive packaging material to make goods lighter, smaller, to reduce carbon emissions in the process of transportation. Detergent chemical industry as an important part of the environmental pollution caused by the consumption chain gradually aroused people's attention. According to the data show that 90% of americans, 89% of germans and 84% of the Dutch when buying items will be considering the environmental protection standard of the product, of course, this aspect needs to be improved. As a professional detergent production machine manufacturers, will continue to improve production technology for environmental protection contribute an own strength!
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