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Washing clothes investigation nearly eighty percent consumer choice behavior laundry detergent production machine

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
Washing clothes investigation nearly eighty percent consumer choice behavior laundry detergent production machine for laundry supplies and raising the level of consumption performance on the change of product selection, washing powder, soap, this traditional catharsis things is no longer the only choice when buying, according to the survey, 79. 16% of consumers often choose laundry detergent as laundry supplies, there are 17 more. 82% of consumers will choose the new high-end washing laundry condensate beads, such as supplies. Experts believe that upgrading of consumption level and the change of consumption habits, the working principle of laundry detergent production making machine with the traditional washing powder, soap, active ingredients are surfactants, is bound to provide high-end clothing washing supplies greater market space. China's laundry detergent production machine to produce laundry detergent market is 27 year on average. Growth of 2%, the 3 year compound growth exceeded 100%. At the same time, the average annual growth rate was only about 2 detergent market. 2%. Domestic laundry detergent production machine to reach the washing agent in 2010, 19% of the market after 2015 to 30%. In the United States, because of the market share has exceeded the washing powder, accounted for above 80%, instead of washing powder streak. Formula of laundry detergent production machine more than washing powder is soft, the most main is not hurting hands, clothes less residual liquid, the housewife's backpack. Detergent excitant, use for a long time will hurt lover's skin. According to the survey, consumers of new products to early adopters, 63. About 1-19% of consumers Two month to buy a clothes washing supplies, only 16. 30% of the consumer buying cycle in 3 months or more. In frequently buy, consumer is in constant change product or brand. And more than eighty percent of the consumers or often replace the cleaning products brand, only 14. 79% of consumers said only in one. The rapidly rising ratios at the same time, online shopping, while consumption and diversified demand for washing supplies, products need to 'universal'. But the survey shows that consumers' lack of knowledge, of catharsis things only 27. 90% of consumers understanding of the concept of enrichment of washing products. This shows that most consumers concentrated detergent is a lack of understanding, and with the improvement of consumer awareness, concentrated laundry detergent will undoubtedly become a hot market. Detergent production factory house, the previous mechanical sharing: how to distinguish the laundry detergent production machine to produce good and bad
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