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Using washing liquid washing needs to pay attention to four problems!

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
Washing is the most basic car maintenance, a lot of people believe that as long as wash clean all OK. In fact, to see if from a professional point of view, or have knowledge greatly. Learning one: the choice of washing liquid washing with washing liquid, must choose the right car shampoo, washing the most avoid is used a strong alkaline detergent or soap powder, although because they are strong detergency, the injury is big also, but at the same time often use them to wash the car, the light will soon be on the surface of the body to eat; And can accelerate the body aging rubber parts, tires, car window and so on. The right car shampoo should use car dedicated car shampoo, with water wax components washing liquid is the best. Computer car wash in the washing process is using a professional car wash liquid PH value is neutral, not erosion surface, and containing water wax ingredients, can give body at the same time in the washing a more moisturizing effect, care will not damage the car paint, wash the brighter the more instead. Washing the car, therefore, had better choose computer car wash. Learning 2: presence of pre-washing program the car is dirty, a lot of dust, sediment attached to the car. If come up with water gun, with sponge brush, wash the car call car fell into the skin. Computer car washer arc DE triomphe in front of the car has a pre-washing program, most of the sand can be away from the paint and then foam spray; Brush cleaning, do not hurt the car paint. Learning three: the choice of tools, supplies, car washing, washing utensils due division of labor, PAWS to clean body, long hair scrub wheels, sponge wash tires, not confused, and follow the principle of from the top down. It will take, also want to follow the principle of from the top down, with a soft towel dry, water damage of the car body with dry wet amphibious professional cleaner to car vacuuming processing. Many great affection to the car, like your car wash, wash your car really good when leisure, but if you don't know how to wash, can damage cars instead. Thus, it is better to go to a regular car with automatic computer car wash: high pressure flushing; Foam spray; Brush cleaning, do not hurt the car paint; Chassis cleaning and maintenance of whole vehicle; Water spray wax, copying is blown dry. A car out from the washing machine, wipe with suede need only mirrors, not only can cleaning effect, and fast, it does not hurt the car. Four: learning engine fine cleaning a lot of people do not take the cleaning and maintenance. Don't think nacelle wash wash has nothing to do. In fact, this view is wrong, change a point of view, why the premium car at the bottom of the engine compartment have guard board, can prevent sediment into the cabin, and you will understand. So, as the saying goes, auto maintenance well, look at the engine. Therefore, in order to let the heart of the automobile part work, good professional cleaning is very necessary. Clean the engine must be done to the professional car beauty shop. Clean before various important joint must be wrapped in thin film, and then use detergent by professional parts for cleaning, then dry with clean water, cannot flush with water cannon, finally application of all kinds of rubber parts protectant to guard the cabin all kinds of rubber polishing is complete. In addition to the above and other washing machine such as a car is the extent to which quality, safety, construction personnel quality features, management norms, the suitability of speed, etc. , are washing the car should pay attention to matters. Detergent powder making machine detergent powder making machine next article: how to deal with the tape glue residue on the glass that an article: household detergent and dry cleaner scour the difference
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