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Use detergent to wash bowl may do harm to health

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
Detergent can remove take off oil trowel on the tableware, is a necessary cleaning supplies. However, net washing powder production factory house recently, in an article entitled, 'dishwashing detergent you use? Look at it, the consequence is terrible! 'Post heat transfer, post said dishwashing detergent is commonly used ingredient is' surfactant ', belongs to the chemical, after use will remain on the tableware. Excessive use of detergent, but also can make the blood acidic, affect liver detoxification function, endanger human body health. Finally, Internet postings also warned fans, family dishes, had better not use detergent. The harm of detergent so big? Detergent production machine net post said detergent ingredient is 'surfactant', there is nothing wrong with it. Surfactant to dissolve the dirt, emulsification, dispersion, suspension, again by clear water rinse, make the dirt from the tableware surface separation, to achieve the effect of clean tableware. Some detergent also has an element of disinfection sterilization, can remove harmful microorganisms, prevent the illness. Laundry detergent production machine, then, in the detergent surfactants have any effect to human body health? 2015 gb acute oral toxicity test of the national food safety standards ', according to the LD50 of oral intake ( Dose that resulted in the deaths of half of the experimental animals) , the material is divided into extremely toxic, highly toxic, medium poison, low toxicity and the actual non-toxic five levels. Among them, the LD50 of detergent surfactants above 1 g/Kg, part in more than 5 g/Kg, belong to the standard of 'low toxicity' and 'actual non-toxic' level. According to the standard, if will be used in animal experiments dose conversion into to the quantity of the human body, to make weight 60 kg of half of the participants were acute poisoning death, at least 60 g surfactant. According to 10% of detergent surfactants calculation, and the corresponding detergent component need at least 600 g. Because making machine in daily life, people contact with detergent, detergent, mostly through the skin, but because of the existence of the stratum corneum, macromolecular material difficult to penetrate the skin and blood circulation, so the quantity of absorbed through the skin, toxicology experiment of oral intake is negligible. If the residual surfactant intake is through the tableware on the mouth, the actual amount, which entered the body also is very low, it is difficult to make human body poisoning. The detergent on the market how to safely use? Laundry detergent production machine from 2014 tableware detergent products quality supervision and spot check result of special, detergent percent of pass is 93. 6%, equivalent to a random sample of 100 items, of which 94 are eligible. The unqualified problems of detergent products mainly include: the total content of active matter, bacteria, contain preservatives to make such as formaldehyde. Among them, the total content of active matter in detergent will affect the product to make decontamination ability; Bacteria in detergent when use, easy to bring secondary pollution to the bowl chopsticks; And formaldehyde exceeds detergent, easy to make formaldehyde residue on the tableware, long-term intake of trace will cause harm to human body. Washing powder production machine in order to safely use detergent, the expert reminds, the first thing to choose a regular production of qualified detergent, observe label ( Or the bottle) On the production license number, production date and limited use date, ensure use detergent accord with national safety standards. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine in addition, when washing dishes at ordinary times, also want to try to reduce the detergent residues. For example, for not too oily dishes, need not use detergent, as long as in a timely manner after use wash with hot water. Use detergent when cleaning, had better not to squeeze detergent directly on the tableware. Can add a few drops of dishwashing detergent diluted in water first, then dip in with dish cloth wash tableware, finally to irrigate with flowing water for many times, the tableware detergent to remove residues. Horizontal agitator washing powder production factory house, the previous: normal oil and high performance oil difference
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