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Use detergent production vendors would remind you of detergent

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - 01 detergent in use need to pay attention to what issues? Remind you of the hangzhou detergent equipment manufacturer, detergent use should pay attention to the following four problems: 1. Never use expired product each kind of brand of detergent used cycle is different, generally specified on the packaging. Detergent ingredients and additives is different, so the life is different. A short-acting detergent is the shelf life of only one or two years, when buying must see clear logo on the package. 2. Don't mix colors as there are many common detergent color on the market at present. These colors are added in the production process, main is to facilitate the observation, does not represent the model. For every new car in a factory to add the detergent, general vehicle operating instructions will indicate the detergent model, engine compartment will be marked, fill detergent must see vehicle models applicable detergent. 3. Don't change the detergent brands each brand even each vehicle engine, water tank. Water pumps and other metal materials used in the cooling system is different, have different applicable detergent, best original type detergent has been in the original brand, in order to reduce the damage to the cooling system. According to the different climate, cannot concentrate directly scour, such not only can lead to viscosity increase, affect the cooling system of circulation and heat dissipation, also can aggravate the water pump work, reduce the service life. 4. Don't add water used to reduce the number of detergent digestion, actually doing that can lead to reduce detergent concentration, influence its freezing point value, cause the detergent used less than period must be replaced, eventually do more harm than good. In an article:' Detergent equipment 】 How much detergent quality closes nevertheless hazard
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