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Stainless steel horizontal mixer safety operation

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
Stainless steel horizontal mixer safety operation: 1, horizontal mixer should be installed in the strong pedestal. When fixed for a long time, should be buried land bolt; When used in the short term, should be laid on stand wood blocking and leveling steadier. Not allowed to replace the support with the tyres. 2, horizontal mixer blender control console, should allow the operator to see each working condition. Rubber sheets or electric mixer control board, should be fitted dry wood. 3, the parking position of mobile mixer should choose solid ground level, should have good drainage ditches around. In place, should put down the leg will rack jacking to horizontal position, make the tyre from the ground. When a longer lifespan, tyre shall be properly kept, axle end with a cloth bandage, and with the sleeper to rack up the strut. 4, the need to set up the mixer hopper pit, the authors should pad around high compaction, should prevent surface water flows into the pit. Feeding at the bottom of the orbit plane bearing surface should be cement or tiles, the back of the track frame wood should be adopted to support, should prevent orbit deformation when working. 5, hopper into the lowest position, between the hopper and the ground, should add a layer of cushion wood. The power supply voltage fluctuation is not exceed 5% of the rating; Electric motors and electrical components of the connection is firm, protection by zero or grounding resistance in accordance with regulations; The transmission mechanism, working device, such as brake are reliable fastening, open gear, pulley, etc have a guard; Gear box of oil, oil amount in accordance with regulations. Before 7, homework, should start the blender no-load running. Shall confirm the mixing tube or blade rotation direction and the direction indicated by the arrows on cylinder. To reverse discharging mixer, should take the mixing barrel is, reverse run for a few minutes, and should have no impact dithering phenomenon and abnormal noise. Before 8, homework, should hopper ascending experiment was carried out, should observe and confirm the clutch brake, flexible and reliable. 9, should check and calibration instructions water of the water supply system and the actual water consistency; When the error is more than 2%, should check the pipeline leaking point, or should correct the throttle valve. 10, should check the aggregate size and should be consistent with mixer performance, within the permission scope shall not be used. Detergent production factory house, the previous: liquid detergent considerations when making machine filter of quartz sand
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