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Some stop detergent washing powder industry anti-counterfeiting publicly, what is the purpose?

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Has long been detergent join scams rampant day making machine washing powder making machine, making machine found conductive heat pipe after direct contact with the chemical raw materials corrosion cause frequent safety accidents, making machine manufactured franchisees with low price temptation to covet cheap entrepreneurs, not the eia and the national industrial products production permit illegal production of detergent and washing powder making machine and product unit, patsy when tens of thousands. For entrepreneurs to little detours, I facing the whole country since 2010, Japan joined industry anti-counterfeiting publicly, at his own expense for hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy the country representative of public disclosure and inferior making machine, has let many entrepreneurs avoid or save the loss, was met by countless illegal colleague's malicious attack, a few fellow of counterfeit making machine make up a large number of false negative against me, when he failed to prevent me from public impact. Is a recent period, some use in baidu post bar as the identity of the main public anti-counterfeiting article published shielding me into the post bar, see countless entrepreneurs because of false information is deceived false projects continue to confusion, as a senior intellectuals and fit-out obtain the national patent of scientific research workers, driven by conscience, whether all the way is the abyss or landmines, I will be back, or false and inferior project said no. Uncover and inferior project scheme, make people less detours, fortunes, hope all friends to join together public conscience and sense of social responsibilities, anti-counterfeiting industry. Public lawsuit, don't stop at the same time, hope not to shield anti-counterfeiting tieba and delete anti-counterfeit paper.
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