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Solemnly declares 'scam' related information on the web

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
Recently, according to the relevant cooperation customers reflect, through relevant departments of the company, the survey found some network outlaws deliberately to discredit on the Internet recently, any fake, dreamt up, out of thin air to denigrate our company reputation, cause the loss of our serious credibility and cause unnecessary misleading to interested partners! Our company has set up a panel to look into the matter, the survey found that those who were their own. Cheat victims appeared in the 'web sites' about to 'liar' appointment '. Bureau 'and' 'dirty' company ''. Lie 'and so on sensitive words to send the article title, but most of these sites is a small site, special hair brands negative news, cause the loss of the company's reputation, forced the company to ask them to delete, their requirement is a money! Many companies for such special negative sites also said very helpless, can only keep silent, but one thing is that they are some without any moral evil ACTS, when you pay to delete a negative news, they have to imagine all you can't imagine the speed of the hair ten articles get more profits. In my company, for example, now has a lot of relevance on unreliable online liar, cheat. Bureau, was. Fool, victims, and so on some negative headlines, this event a great influence on our company reputation, the company related department has been through a company lawyer involved, lawyer letter issued to relevant personage address, for through this way, To send a negative message to prices) The personnel of my company image, the company is absolutely not tolerated, must use weapons to fight! Company is a legitimate company, related certificates or call for and welcome to the company in the official inquiry, all dealers agents and intention client to review and sign. And to the general commitment: ( 1) I company for the website the void content of legal right holder; ( 2) On my third party report posted on the web page content violated the legal rights and interests of the corresponding my company; ( 3) My company confirmed: if the right to notify the content is not completely true, our company will bear all the resulting liability. According to the provisions in article 36 of the tort liability law of the People's Republic of China Internet users, Internet service providers using the Internet civil rights and interests of other people shall bear tort liability. Web users to use network services to implement the infringing act, the patentee has the right to through the network service provider to delete, necessary measures such as shielding, disconnected. Network service provider fails to take necessary measures in time, after receiving notice of damage expand part are jointly and severally liable with the network users. Network service providers know network users using other network service infringes on the civil rights and interests, did not take the necessary measures, the network users are jointly and severally liable. Zhejiang legal department on August 21, 2020
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