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So the exposure - The false alert to this kind of vendor qualification kill man

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
The patent inventor Dr Wang warm remind you: always have some informal making machine manufacturers to provide some of the so-called qualification certificate, there are some false certificate unit, countries do not have any functional departments issued this certificate. If you find this kind of certificate, must be a liar, entrepreneurs should be more vigilant about you daily chemical industry. If you'd like to open supplies manufacturer looking for normal making machine manufacturers must recognize normal qualification, the following is the normal production vendors would need to have formal qualification documents and certificates. Dr Wang teachs you the method of judging cosmetic making machine manufacturers and false: one is, not through the eia can't show the epa certificate of manufacturer of eia, 100% were black workshop or counterfeit products; 2 it is, can't offer purchase making machine back up after your contact way to prove that it has obtained the detergent production license of franchisees, 100% for making machine back and become illegal was investigated after a pile of scrap metal. Technical formula is more important than production machine! Finally, Dr Wang special remind you: sell detergent unit making machine as long as there is such a certificate, you buy making machine or join the project must be cheated. Hotline:
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