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Mix is not recommended to add detergent! Why do you say that?

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 auto cooling fluid full name is called 'antifreeze coolant, meaning anti-freezing function of cooling fluid. Detergent can prevent cold season parking when coolant freezes and burst radiator and freezing engine cylinder block. Automobile detergent what are the considerations of new energy vehicle motor using the same water circulation cooling, so still need to add detergent, to help the motor cooling. Clue, detergent, replacement is carefully when buy look at the ingredients, in order to prevent the antifreeze coolant failure due to any chemical composition is different. Another role for detergent colour is to avoid the mistake. Through the test of the sand, auto radiator radiator and automobile air conditioner condenser must have attached a lot of dust, the dust will cause water tank cooling whammy, engine water temperature is too high, air conditioning not cool in summer, such as failure, serious can also lead to the early stages of the auto parts damage, so the spring must clean the vehicle's cooling system. Days not too hot, not too cold in winter, the main reason is that the engine at high temperature can cause the detergent internal moisture evaporation, detergent to change, because for a long time will be degenerative, boiling point also produces change, will lead to the engine cylinder body frost crack. Only in detergent is really poor, such as, no expansion tank detergent, at this time and have no the same type of detergent, can add water, add water when not to join the common tap water and mineral water, should use pure water, to make up for, and add water, detergent, freezing point and boiling point will change, in the premise when appropriate to be put off as soon as a change, in order to prevent the engine temperature is too high. Mixed with detergent is not recommended in general, mixed with detergent is not recommended, because the detergent ingredients to join different inclusions, it is possible to lead to consolidation, the engine coolant is bad! His replacement detergent is not recommended, the main reason is that change the detergent must be put away, this is to disconnect cooling fluid pipe, in addition, notice the exhaust, in order to prevent scour engine overheating due to air resistance. A: laundry detergent equipment: test method for determination of phosphorus content laundry detergent formulation
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