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Mechanical tell you soap using method

by:Meibao     2020-10-24
Soap from its nature can be divided into weak acid and weak alkaline. Because the normal skin is a weak acid. Plants of weak acid soap has softened with; Plants and weak base soap has two function of protection and cleaning, plant weak base has a slippery feel. Summer, for example, sweating, the body will send out a sour, bacteria easy breeding, so can't use weak acidic soap catharsis, persons with soap catharsis, containing the plant weak base and the skin's PH value. If using the acid alkali soap, strong acid and strong alkali residue on the skin, the skin will be due in acid-base balance state, and gradually become sensitive, rough. We are in when washing a face, avoid to use industrial acid alkali soap is used, should choose soft acidic or alkaline soap plant, according to their own physical reasonable choice of the skin. Don't have to worry about weak base soap can damage skin, even if the normal skin with weak alkaline soaps, can maintain the luster of the skin condition. Soak in weak alkaline hot springs, hot spring water will gradually soften cuticle, make skin glittering and translucent burnish is proof of that. But cortical thickness of the skin, must use the weak acid soap plant. Due to the thickening of the skin friction for a long time, use of plant sweet weakly acidic soap is their best choice, remove the thicker cutin; Necessary for normal skin does not use. Tags: detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: use soap, mechanical making machine
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