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Mechanical sharing: how to distinguish the laundry detergent production machine to produce good and bad

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
Mechanical sharing: how to distinguish the laundry detergent production machine to produce good and bad summer this year, is still a major brand of laundry detergent production machine selling season. Laundry detergent in a supermarket shelves, each brands are 'formula', all kinds of summer new product upgrading recipe joined the sales promotion. The personage inside course of study, according to the analysis of washing industry which is closely linked with the consumer life, as in development, changing the washing demand 'this summer's laundry detergent production machine brand competition focus on the formulation, laundry detergent brands continue to dig the demands of consumers, launch the washing demands more targeted fashion' segment, formulation. Now in the market of laundry detergent production machine, free of all kinds of all have, the following is a simple resolution method of laundry detergent: 1, appearance: good quality new products even transparent viscous moderate, look to the naked eye without impurities, if defective goods are under thick thin layered, cloudy. 2, colour and lustre, good laundry detergent color stable, long-term place does not change color, poor dispersion or fade phenomenon. 3, solubility: can quickly dissolve in water, soluble in water or need long time only stir up partial cleaning effect is the product quality is not pass. 4, good aroma: laundry detergent fragrance is pure, persistent, partial acid, with poor astringency. 5, household effects: adding high quality comprehensive effect is obvious, yuan composite enzyme detergent to remove dirt and stains, easy water, does not hurt the clothing, will cause harm to the clothing quality is bad, still existed ShuiNan, easy residue and so on. Detergent production factory house, the previous: is the first article
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