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Mechanical power entrepreneurs on the road to riches

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
Washing industry development has been penetration in each production and living space, according to the relevant state departments survey analysis shows: daily makeup washing supplies market in China has considerable development potential, and maintain steady growth quickly. 2002 - Average annual compound growth rate in 2008 will remain at 13. 64% left and right sides, the cosmetic market will still be faster than the national economic growth and rapid development, the relatively fast growth of the cleaning products market, the size of the market in 2007, daily chemical industry is expected to reach 1559. 400 million yuan, the growth rate of 13. 85%; Cosmetic market forecast will reach 1873 in 2008. 600 million yuan, the growth rate up to 13. 9%; The size of the market in 2009 is expected to reach 200 billion yuan, growth rate of 12. 8%, and will keep the double-digit growth every year, each cosmetic brands and enterprises in the competition and expansion, has line into their respective sphere of influence. Among them, the domestic well-known washing cosmetic production - making machine manufacturers Hangzhou machinery making machine co. , LTD. , the development course of thought-provoking. About hangzhou machinery making machine co. , LTD. , a dozen years ago was just a small and medium-sized chemical making machine manufacturing enterprises, and now become a collection of making machine production, technology research and development, training, promotion as one of the leading enterprises in the domestic cosmetic making machine. Making machine have been exported southeast Asia, North America, South Africa and other dozens of countries and regions, become the first making machine of domestic production enterprises of supplies suppliers. Mode mechanical how can in the fierce market competition becomes a leader? First is attributed to its unique development model, throughout the domestic other cosmetic making machine production enterprise, is based on the production machine, not involved in the production technology, almost all the machinery in perfecting making machine at the same time, also spend a lot of manpower material resources committed to the development of cleaning production technology, not only for making machine practical experience, has increased the mechanical market competitiveness. A lot of washing supplies production enterprise has introduced the company one of the main reasons of making machine, is that it not only can provide enterprises with high quality production machine, at the same time can provide customers with advanced technology, perfect product support. In the aspect of technical team, product development for the customer to save a lot of money and greatly shorten the research and development of new products listed period, so as to bring tangible benefits for our customers! Second machinery in the occupation of the market at the same time, create a market. Stable because the quantity of washing cosmetic manufacturer, with a long cycle and upgrading production machine, so the machinery in the stability of existing customers as well as aim at daily chemical industry development ability and the desire of small groups and individuals, to help and develop it into the daily chemical industry, because of washing supplies market is big, high profit, low investment, good project is the first choice of small entrepreneurs, therefore mechanical pioneered a small production machine for entrepreneurship, and provide free technical training for the customer and marketing strategy, and these small business customers in the development, and to introduce large machinery production machine, is a the most mechanical stable customer base. Goal is through long-term market vision and unique development mode, make the machinery of the existing achievements, hope in the existing achievements and platforms, the higher height and glory to achievement, not just more should continue to continue to maintain in the date making machine and technology in the field of industry leading position. Turn to the People's Daily online ( http://hn. 人。 com. cn/n/2015/0513/c356343- 24842888. html) Detergent production factory house, the previous: washing machine detergent effect of health and hygiene standards have higher requirements
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