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Mechanical BZD - hangzhou 11 type tube general formula shear mixing emulsion making machine

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 main characteristics: the equipment adopts high speed shearing homogeneous dispersion, strong shear viscous solid, liquid, the liquid washing products production, can quickly dissolve AES, K12, 6501 of refractory materials, save energy, shorten the production cycle, at the same time high speed shearing the distributor homogeneous circular mixing device, fast discharge of the product. Main principle: since the suction generated by powerful shear shear dissolved materials, in the liquid washing products production, reduce the labor intensity of workers feeding, shorten the time. Use cycle in and out of the mouth below the liquid surface work, avoids the production of foam, finished discharging can bottle ( Barrels a day). , there is no need to let stand defoaming. Continuous work performance and characteristics: 1, large quantity, recycled shear homogeneous mixture discharging, especially adapted to the single continuous production of liquid washing products. 2, simple operation, high shear emulsifying homogeneous hybrid force. 3, in cyclic shear homogeneous mixing work condition, make the material from the bottom of the pot of suction, through high-speed shear homogeneous dispersion, the distributor in high-speed shear strength dispersion under the action of centrifugal, through specific pipe into the pot body, make the material circulation material. 4,BZD - 11 type tube shear mixed emulsifying equipment general formula, it is small and medium-sized and family production input equipment, low cost configuration liquid washing products * * * ideal equipment. Welcome to order equipment technical parameters: power supply: 220 V shear dispersion motor power: 370 W work volume: 10 l - 80 l tube shear emulsifying flow: 50 l/min equipment weight: 35 KG of equipment installation dimensions ( Three high cm) : 80 x50x95 hangzhou machinery equipment co. , LTD. , located in the hangzhou matsuoka, the forefront of reform and opening up, the transportation is convenient, the company specialized is engaged in the washing technology research and development, technology transfer formula, the product production equipment sales, with exquisite and rich experience in technology, equipment, 3000 yuan, and the company provided free formula and technology. XueJi postoperative buyers first, lifelong enjoy * * * research and development of new technology, equipment replacement in one year, life-long maintenance. Company tenet: 'we will do our best to provide the ideal for the majority of investors, the most practical washing supplies technology formulation and production equipment. 'loyalty we expect to provide you with the best service to the ideal! A: on investment detergent factory need to what?
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