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Making machine to make automobile detergent products automated production start-up easier

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
Over time, more and more cars on the road, not only bring some convenience to people, the resulting derivatives, such as urea and antifreeze, glass of water, car shampoo, bath, hand sanitizer, etc. , also led to the growth of the consumer market. And obtain success, makes the public trust of automobile maintenance production machine. New formula, cost saving their research and development of surfactant is composed of small molecules by macromolecular oil-based and water-based materials. Studies automobile glass cleaning there are two types of surface active agent, type of anionic surfactant; Another type of non-ionic surfactant. Using the new formula, cheap cost and good effect. Softening water quality, promote manufacturing auto glass cleaner tea water should be clean water or deionized water, at least, is the water hardness is qualified. If the local water quality metal ions content is higher, you should first to soften the water quality. Water and groundwater is not directly blending do glass of water. Selects the high quality of demineralized water making machine production products, greatly improve production efficiency. Automated processing technology, saves the material using the automated processing technology for many years, making machine durable, save consumables for you, don't have to worry about in the process of production interruption, normal products on the market, especially the glass of water, due to defects in making machine, to produce the glass of water once the time is too long, can produce precipitation, easy to nozzle clogging up, poor maintenance, combined with new technology and the product is no precipitation formula, colour and lustre is clear, the effect is excellent, insect repellent anti-freezing effect is good. Production machine is people to bring their business plans to conscience choice!
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