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Investment catharsis things cannot earn money

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
Investment catharsis things cannot earn money shampoo, detergent, shower gel, hand sanitizer, such as liquid cleaning products, is also appear from single function to function synthesis to the trend of the functional segmentation. And liquid products more huge profit space, by marketing world as one of ten big profits on the market today. Rich or poor, all alike, both male and female, regardless of race in our life, almost no one believes is don't need washing powder, detergent, shampoo, shower gel, so all the year round pipe is not winter heat, or in the spring and autumn season, all need to use washing supplies, is washing supplies sales market have no limit of time and region, the crowd. So you can be sure that the washing chemical products is now small investment projects, the market is a huge project. The hair is dirty, wash with what? Shampoo! ( Below cost 1 yuan per kilogram) Eating food is dirty, wash with what? A dishwashing detergent! ! ( Per kilogram cost about 3 hair) Wash the clothes every day, with what? Washing powder! ! ! ( Cost about $1 per kilogram) Take a bath every day, with what? Shower gel! ! ! ! ( Below cost 1 yuan per kilogram) Market research: the main sales of existing varieties, prices, profits and so on, accomplish know fairly well, but also to investigate local residents demand for sanitary products, understand the demand situation, adjust their marketing strategies. Packing: (1) his trademark design, printing and packaging, can be used in a plastic bucket, plastic bags, paper bags, and other forms, having a unique style, to attract users. (2) to adopt market best-selling brand of joint sales. Such as my company's pure brand. (3) system is installed in the form of: external use bag or plastic woven bag, inside the village in a plastic bag, weight, weighing sales to be used by seller ( This law applicable to backward area, can reduce packaging costs, the savings to the common people) 。 4. This unit provides washing powder packaging and design. Sales price: because of the low cost of production, the price can be reduced accordingly, according to the local market, with meager profit but high turnover for the principle, take the lion's share of the profits to seller, at the beginning of this can arouse the enthusiasm of seller. If direct selling should be by market prices slightly lower than other products strategy. 4, sales of key points: (1) the municipal, county, township and town mall, wholesale department, shops, etc. ; (2) the unit welfare supplies; (3) barter. Have a kind of product, people, both rich and poor, no matter when, no matter the gender, almost everyone will use every day, everyone cannot leave! This is - - - Daily washing supplies ( Shampoo, shower gel, detergent, washing powder, etc. ) Cleaning products market is huge, in addition to the famous brand product market, and brand products is difficult to enter the market, like the countryside, city barbershop, hotels, factories, restaurants and other bulk market capacity is also huge. So the washing supplies production is have to. Detergent production factory house, the previous: the production of detergent shampoo making machine considerations and technical requirements
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