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Introduction to the liquid detergent system working principle

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
Liquid detergent production machine working principle with ion exchange method, can remove water in ion Yang, anionic, with sodium chloride ( NaCl) On behalf of the inorganic salts in water, water desalination, the basic reaction can be expressed in the following formula: 1, the cation exchange resin: R - H+Na+ R— Na + H + 2, anion exchange resin: R - 哦+ Cl - R— Cl +哦- Yang, anion exchange resin the overall reaction can be written as: RH + ROH + NaCl - — RNa + RCL + H2O can be seen from this, the water of NaCl has been resin respectively on the H + and OH - Replaced, and reaction products only H2O, therefore to remove the effect of salt water. Reverse osmosis water treatment machine, liquid detergent production machine, laundry detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: the membrane method and treatment of electroplating heavy metal waste water reuse
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