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Induction Furnace

by:Meibao     2020-06-04
Article about Induction Furnace INDUCTION FURNACE The environment FRIENDLY MELTING EQUIPMENT Today preserving the Environment is supporting joints such as duty most word citizens. Nature has supported all human development activities over the year. However man's greed read more and more has tilted the good balance to such an extent that survival of making on the modern world has. Turn into a big question mark. Extraction of metals from primary sources (ores) is a very energy intensive activity hence recycling of metals has gained importance considering previously mentioned fact. Even here regarding Coal and other hydrocarbons cause energy sources cause immense environmental pollution and it is in this context. What an Induction Air conditioner? A water cooled Copper coil carrying High Frequency Current, produces eddy current in the charge / metal within the coil. Numerous hearts the shared metal and melts it. Handy working on such a principle is known as an INDUCTION FURNACE. The primary ingredients of an Induction Furnace: Medium frequency furnaces operate at frequencies ranging form 150 to 10,000 Hertz. Such furnaces prove concentrated High Power in small volumes with a definitely higher melt rate. Today the Coreless Medium Frequency Induction Furnace is extensively used than its Channel type comparable version. In an Induction Furnace, Electrical Energy is reconstructed as Magnetic Energy and again back to Electrical Energy which is converted into Heat the particular Joule Effect Crucible: Structurally it consists of three independent but interdependent sections: 1.Base Frame 2.Tilting Frame 3.Interchangeable Inductor comprising a coal created from specially shaped copper section featuring high strength as well as high conductivity. The melting basin positioned inside the inductor (coil) is isolated by a thick refractory lining the. A special hydraulic system ensures easy emptying, smooth and complete pouring. That the Induction Furnace assumes importance for its eco friendliness and energy efficiency. ADVANTAGE Of your INDUCTION FURNACE Faster Startup Flexibility Natural stirring Clean melting Simple Operation Higher Yield Low refractory cost Better working environment A Typical installation includes 1.Crucible 2.Solid state power converter 3.Power factor compensation capacitor bank 4.Auxiliary equipments Solid State Power Converter: Converts the series / mains frequency to some medium frequency essential for efficient undertaking. 1.Conversion from AC to DC 2.Rectifying & filtering DC current 3.Converting DC into AC (Medium Frequency) 4.Electrical safety, Protection, Regulation and Control circuits Closed loop water to water heat exchange using De mineralized pond. THEORETICAL ENERGY CONSUMPTION Different METALS @ POURING TEMPERATURE: MetalPouring warmth.Specific heat (Average)Hat of FusionEnergy per MT_kwh (Theoretical) Mild steel 1650 C307 kwh76 kwh383 kwh Aluminum Copper710 C170 kwh110 kwh280 kwh Copper1200 C126 kwh59 kwh185 kwh Gold1130 C40 kwh19 kwh59 kwh Silver1030 C5 kwh29 kwh94 kwh LOSSES In an INDUCTION FURNACE The theoretical energy require to melt one Large amount of steel is 383 KWH/Ton. However in actual practice, the specific energy consumption is remarkably higher to 550 KWH/ to 950 KWH/ ton THE POWER LOSSES Within an INDUCTION FURNACE SYSTEM MF generator 3% to 4% Capacitor Bank 1.5% to 3% Crucible 20% to 25% ADDITIONAL Losses. Radiation loss 7% to 9% Conduction loss 4% to 8% Above figures may very, depending on 1. Furnace Design parameters 2. Size of the furnace 3. Scrap quality look at. Plant operating parameters ESTIMATION OF ACTUAL FINISH TIME OF MELTING OPERATION: 1 METRIC TON OF STEEL @ 1650 C using a 350 KW/1000 HZ FURNACE Energy To Melt Steel Scrap 383 kwh + Induction System Losses 105 kwh + Additional Losses 35 kwh = Total Energy For melting 523 kwh Total Energy For Melting 523 kwh + Applied Rate of one's energy 350 kwh Time Taken = 1 hr 30 mins + Plant Specific Issues Plus Time Taken For Charging / samples Testing Etc Approx. 15 mins Total Time 1 hrs 45 min B/4Sakariba Estate, G.I.D.C. Phase - IV, Vatva, Ahmedabad - 382445 Gujarat (INDIA) Phone No more. :+91-79-25840023 / 25840024 / 32917163 / 65120554Telefax :+91 - 79 - 25841065 Web Site: http://www.magnalenzindia.com/ E-mail:contact@magnalenz.com
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