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In the production of detergent common problems and solutions

by:Meibao     2020-10-17
A, basic requirements and conditions of the detergent production: is everybody want to use detergent is known to all, everyday want to use the product. Contact with every day in our life, is a common consumer goods, see in a simple liquid washing products, also have some conditions in the process of production, to produce qualified products. 1, the production workshop requirements: small detergent production, there is no limit to the site, but must be clean, cannot open operation. 2, equipment requirements: detergent production requirement for equipment is health and resistance to corrosion, first of all, the production equipment to wash, easy the second device used in more than 304 stainless steel material, acid-proof, alkali resistance. Storage of containers can use poly has ene, polypropylene etc. Nonmetal materials. 3, water quality requirements: the production of detergent must use deionized water, because the water has impurities, cloudy, cationic compounds, most of anionic surfactant detergent raw materials, to adopt from the products of the water won't stratification, metamorphism, smell, etc. Second, choice of raw materials: detergent raw materials, production of detergent raw material must have a standard can depend on, only qualified raw material can make good products, individual sales materials businesses, to provide the manufacturer's certificate of qualification, unqualified raw materials cannot be used. Three, production formula: the key is the production of detergent technology formula, there is no good technical formula, has other advantages as produce a good product, students can take a sample to the company to the engineer. And go home to try, until satisfaction, long-term to provide technical guidance! Four, in the production of detergent common problems and solutions: 1, the bubble too much, slow elimination: don't too little water level in the equipment in the production, to a comfortable level and products would have little bubble. 2, product opacity: opacity is refers to the finished product storage in opaque or appearance of emulsion. This kind of phenomenon appears, for reasons more formula is unqualified, unqualified raw materials, water treatment. Solution: use a reasonable formula developed for professional engineers, optimize the structure of product in the formula; Should choose qualified raw material; Water must be treated, and then to produce the product. 3, consistency: temperature, in the production environment temperature not too high; Bubble, the production process does not produce too much bubble, in the above said solution; A mismatched formula; Looking for a professional research and development of washing technology engineers; Unqualified raw materials, look for regular raw material vendors; Consistency is not good, encountered in the production process in the case of the above conditions are good, organic salt and the occurrence of AES thickening effect, appropriate to adjust well the amount of these two kinds of raw material, have good consistency. The laundry detergent machine 4, changing and odor: changing is not pure fragrance, more in the finished product production equipment not clean or not clean, clean bottles did not thoroughly clean, on some fragrance, can increase to cover! Five, finished product storage and transport, storage, in the summer, the temperature should not be more than 35 degrees, the product easy to deepen color, aroma fade; In winter, the inside of the product temperature is higher than the situation often, if the temperature is too low, Less than 5 degrees) , the packing bottle easy to deformation. Solution, the temperature does not exceed 20 degrees, temperature difference as small as possible! Transportation: the transportation process, never push to put, don't be placed upside down, easy to cause leakage and damage, caused widespread leakage pollution! Shampoo production equipment laundry detergent next: laundry detergent equipment when the choose and buy should pay attention to an article on what matters: detergent production equipment in the future we go
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