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Good cosmetic business project - 2020 Agency making machine products

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
As the individuality demand, cleaning production machine integration of a number of patented technology, from the production formula, processing technology, production machine strives for perfection, and to the family's marketing mode, completely broke the existing monopoly operation forms, can meet the diversified demands of the broad masses of consumers and investors, become a brand new forces, a huge power of development. Because detergent making machine market is big, high profit, less investment, so making machine risk investment detergent, suitable for families and individuals, small business plant, if just starting a business can first cottage industry production, sales of large scale of production. Zhejiang group is a set of supplies technical formula, production machine research and development, production, sales for the integration of international trade company, professional research and development, production and sales of washing powder production machine, detergent production machine production, laundry detergent, shampoo production machine, auto glass water production machine, automobile antifreeze production machine, and so on universal making machine wash. And after a series of after-sales service, and redirect the user to update production machine, technology and other services. We provide a full range of 360 degrees of marketing solutions, allows you to quickly expand the market, supermarkets, shopping malls, shops, markets, restaurants, hotels, hotel, bath center, dining room, laundry, industrial and commercial enterprises to become your partner! Can also be combined with each customer in the face of different regions, different cost formula and suitable for the local marketing plan, we will have a professional marketing team to escort you and advise! To help you occupy the market in the shortest possible time. No requirements to education, regardless of cultural level, we detailed technical training by professional and technical teachers, usually three to five days be able to handle full set of technology! Site operation, production, BaoJiao package will personally, learn so far! Our company belongs to the professional research and development, production, sales through-train service enterprises, all technology has its unique feature, such as high shear emulsification technology is currently the same industry unique technology, high quality low. Students can go to my company on-the-spot investigation, coached by holding professional and technical personnel, while studying does not charge any other fees, learned so far. The quality of the products, the scale, function, cost can control yourself, in general, the cost of shampoo can be controlled in 1 yuan 3 yuan/kg, the cost of shower gel can be controlled in 5 - MAO 1. 5 yuan/kg, the cost of the detergent can be controlled in 3 - MAO 2 yuan/kg, the cost of laundry detergent can be controlled in 5 - MAO 1. 5 yuan/kg, the cost of washing powder can be controlled in 8 - MAO 1. 6 yuan/kg, low can be more low, of course, can also be higher, is to control by ourselves, this is the biggest advantage of self-marketing. As for will not have to worry about profits, and the average combined profits can reach 400% 800%, second only to cosmetics. If you really don't have time to come and live to learn, but can be by teaching methods such as video acquisition in the home, because the detergent making machine is relatively simple production process, making machine easy to operate, just a few switch control, so don't come and live to learn and can complete control of production process. '' wash making machine, production of various mechanical making machine, stainless steel tank, etc. , in the functional design, energy data, materials selection, welding technology, Cheng Pin tube, even appearance beautification, each process is through careful planning and requirements, product enough to comply with the food, pharmaceutical and other production with health inspection standards. Production line on the introduction of professional technology, improve product quality and technical level, and with new mould manufacturing technology and unique plate type hydraulic end plate, advanced welding, weld stress relieving making machine, such as more on product features, service life of the improvement and development, and can meet quality requirements and inspection standards from all walks of life. Welcome to field trips!
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