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Extinction powder's influence on the coating

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
A, extinction powder, the average particle size effects on coating 1, the relationship between average particle size and transparency: with the increase of the average particle size and transparency. Transparency refers to the object through the visible light and less scattering properties of the optimal particle size of powder, the general should be the light in the air medium wave long 1/2, namely zero. 2 - 0. 4 m, greater than this value, the total surface area to reduce powder, the total light scattering ability; And less than this value, the powder will lose the ability to light scattering. Particle size of the powder is a combination of different size, usually at 0. 01 - Between 50 m. In the system, extinction powder particle size is smaller, the less visible light scattering, a large number of incoming light because of diffraction and through extinction powder, so the system of transparency, the better. But the average particle size is too small, the less particles, give play to the role of extinction don't extinction. In the average particle size and the thickness of the coating to coordinate, the average particle size, the greater the extinction powder the extinction of the better the results. Therefore to consider when choosing extinction powder extinction, transparent and factor of coating thickness by comparing experiment to choose the most conforms to the requirements of the extinction powder. Liquid detergent making machine 2, the relationship between the average particle size and anti-settling: in the same system, put the same time, the average particle size of large system, powder sinking speed is fast and easy to form hard precipitation. Particle size is directly proportional to the square and the sedimentation rate, so the faster the greater the average particle size of sedimentation rate. Horizontal mixer 3, the average particle size and extinction of relationships: the greater the average particle size, the better coating extinction effect; The smaller the average particle size, coating transparency, the better. In the process of choosing extinction powder through a series of contrast test, make the extinction, transparent performance better satisfy the use requirement. The smaller the average particle size distribution, increase the system viscosity, sedimentation rate and reduces, when choosing extinction powder is best at the same time consider the factor of extinction and retrogradation. Washing powder production machine two, extinction powder coating porosity on the impact of delustrant generally like small sponge, inside has many pores. High porosity of the grain is lighter, so under the unit mass of particles is more, it is because these particles generated extinction need micro roughness. Under the condition of the same size, the higher the porosity can get higher extinction efficiency. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine three, extinction powder coating surface treatment on the influence of 1, extinction powder, organic treatment wax oil absorption quantity is small, easy layered settlement, precipitation, but soft matting agent and organic processing than considerable extinction powder without processing the extinction of some lower efficiency. Laundry detergent production machine 2, unprocessed extinction powder, oil absorption, thixotropy, layered settlement not easily, but easy to produce precipitation, transparency and extinction than quite a wax extinction powder processing. Laundry detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: liquid detergent preparation technology of making machine
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