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Explore the washing powder, detergent to oil intensity winner is strong!

by:Meibao     2020-10-28
1970 - 01 - 01 washing powder, detergent is one of our commonly used washing oil products. Then, two kinds of products that to oil product rendering is better? Today, mechanical washing powder equipment manufacturers will revolve around 'intensity of washing powder, detergent to oil winner is' problem are discussed. 1 principle detergent, detergent to oil to oil principle: detergent ingredient is surfactant, it contain a variety of active ingredients, emulsifier, the ingredients for a variety of greasy stain, harmful material dissolution, emulsification, dispersion of suspension, then rinse it out from tableware surface separation, to achieve the effect of clean tableware; Some detergent also has an element of disinfection sterilization, can remove harmful microorganisms, prevent the illness. 2, the principle of washing powder detergent to oil to oil principle: detergent ingredients have textile fiber antiscale agent, anionic surfactant, nonionic surfactant, water softener, dirt suspending agent, enzyme, fluorescent agent and spices, etc. ; Poor washing powder often contain phosphorus, aluminum, alkali and other harmful elements. And the role of surfactant in washing powder is to make the washing powder is soluble, emulsification, soak, clean, sterilization, diffusion, foaming, prevent clothes static electricity, etc. Washing clothes is alkaline, but excess alkaline substances will bring harm to clothes and skin, and the alkaline substances will form with hard water precipitation, while too much alkali can lead to form a large amount of precipitation when catharsis, makes the washing effect is poor. Finally, through comparison and analysis above, we may safely draw the conclusion: detergent compared to the intensity of oil washing powder to oil intensity is stronger. The previous mechanical tell you the effect of the detergent?
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