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Electroplating wastewater containing cadmium, cyanide, etc, handle making machine

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
Electroplating factories, Or workshop) The wastewater and waste liquid, such as plating rinse water, waste liquid tank, making machine cooling water and flush the surface water, the water quality due to the production process, some containing chromium, nickel or contain cadmium, cyanide, acid and alkali, etc. Waste water of some metal ions with simple cation form ( Such as Ni2 +, Cu2 +, etc. ) , some with acid radical anions form ( Such as CrO 厈) , others in the form of a complex complex anion exist, such as Au ( CN) Entertainment, Cd, CN) 厈, Cu ( P2O7) 愹, etc. A kind of wastewater often contains more than one harmful ingredients, such as cadmium cyanide plating both melamine and cadmium in waste water. In addition, the general solution often contain organic additives. Electroplating wastewater treatment has decades of history, can be divided into three phases, before and after the first phase is roughly in the 1950 s, mainly focused on the processing technology of waste water, waste residue. To deal with the main object of the cyanide and hexavalent chromium. Processing methods are mainly chemical precipitation method. The second stage begins roughly in the '60 s, pay attention to technology reform and comprehensive utilization, and deal with cadmium and other metal. The third stage since the 70 s, began to study fundamentally pollution control technology, the case is given priority to, reform of the electroplating process, the waste water closed-circuit circulation. On the craft reform with low concentration process instead of high concentration process ( Such as low chromium instead of the high chromium plating chromium) With non-toxic or low toxic materials electroplating process instead of toxic materials ( Such as by cyanide process instead of a cyanide process) 。 Reverse osmosis water treatment machine, liquid detergent production machine, laundry detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: reverse osmosis water requirements of making machine and pretreatment
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