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Colorless, tasteless pollution-free health age small stray bullets kitchen lampblack cleaner ( Biological type)

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Colorless, tasteless pollution-free health era - in the kitchen Small stray bullets kitchen lampblack cleaner ( Biological type) Product introduction: little stray bullets kitchen oil cleaning agent F adopts world advanced microbial cleaning technology, collection of soot cleaning and biological drop remove bacteria multi-function as one of the high-tech environmental protection kitchen cleaning supplies, efficient green plant extract and enzyme composition, with a strong penetration and emulsifying performance, can instantly collapse kitchen lampblack molecular chain structure, thoroughly clean a trace. Is the new generation of environment-friendly kitchen lampblack cleaner. Traditional chemical kitchen oil detergent because of volatile solvent with low molecular weight and high basicity additives, so very pungent odor, hand corrosion electrical appliances and the human body, and cleaning liquid waste has great harm to the environment. Biological type small stray bullets kitchen oil cleaning agent not only maintain the excellent cleaning performance, but also favorable to the environment, promote the product of microbial strains which can effectively degrade the sewer of the animal and plant oil, avoid sewer blocked and control the kitchen smell, and at the same time can be a crack in the lampblack machine oil degradation, to thoroughly clean, real security, environmental protection! Small stray bullets kitchen lampblack cleaner product characteristics: 1, the advanced biological technology, at first, a green cleaner lampblack machine 2, mild formula, no smell, does not hurt the hand, no corrosion substrate 3, plant extract essence of technology, no poisonous chemicals 4, free technical unpick and wash, clean lampblack machine more save time 5, biodegradation oil, avoid water pipe blockage 6, remove peculiar smell, kill harmful bacteria, harmful residue composition, product MA certification through the national testing qualified. 8, wide applicable scope, hotel, hall, customer service, family kitchen, floor etc. Small stray bullets kitchen lampblack detergent ingredient: green surfactant, enzymes, microbial strains, plant extract, additives such as microbial types: class bacillus subtilis and bacillus spores content mixed microbial quantity: 5. 400 million/g small stray bullets kitchen lampblack detergent method of use: 1, rotate the nozzle to the STREAM or the SPRAY position 2, cleaning appliances shell or hard surface, please SPRAY the surface 1 - After 3 minutes, with the brush or cloth can be 3, clean lampblack machine, spray directly on the lampblack machine 1 - on the blades After 5 minutes, start the lampblack machine can. Small stray bullets kitchen lampblack cleaner note: 1, the strain for aerobic bacteria, preserved by sealed, which can effectively extend the shelf life of 2, product is colorless, odorless, no toxicity or viruses, but please do not oral; If swallowed, seek medical advice please 3, if gets into eyes, rinse immediately with water and go to a doctor. Little stray bullets across the country, the general investment for the fiery. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。
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