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Car urea production vendors would take you to understand the use of urea note!

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 washing powder production equipment: washing powder, The diesel engine exhaust gas to solve liquid) Is no color, transparent, clear liquid, initially in Europe, which comes in urea tank, when detect with hydrocarbons in the exhaust pipe, belching urea can automatic washing powder, both air oxidation in SCR reaction vessel repair reflect, N2 into zero pollution and water came out. Extra-heavy duty diesel trucks, want to consider the four drainage, the application of technology has two kinds: EGRDOC/technical and SCR (DPF Selective catalytic reaction to repair) Technical. In front of a according to the exhaust gas recirculation, particle trap waste solution, does not require the application of urea. And more common applications of SCR technology, the key of exhaust air oxidation with urea repair solution, essential agent is during washing powder. Washing powder is urea chroma value is stere of 32. 5% and organic solvent for ultrapure water system of the urea solution, its raw materials for urea crystallization and ultrapure water system. High quality detergent solution, completely transparent, pure color is shallow blue, taste is shallow ammonia smell. The color yellow aqueous solution or opacity, or in the aqueous solution residue and dirt, ammonia smell blunt nose or goods with low odorless are classified as please. Washing powder corrosion, touch raw material introduction is made of stainless steel plate, teflon, or plastic. Car arrive standard cost of urea SCR system software work has three processes: note, feeding, do. If in the process of charging system will cost of urea. Note is to create system software work pressure, to do in advance to prepare for spewing urea. Charging is urea spewing into the exhaust pipe system in the process, to consider some standard: 1. The exhaust pipe inlet and exit row CPU temperature above 200 ℃ ( Diesel engine is not the same as myopic degree a slim is not the same) ; 2. No defects associated with SCR encoding of the current standard; 3. Urea tank liquid level meter is higher than 6%; 4. DEF - temperature is higher than urea tank 3℃。 Row is always one step, after turn off the key, urea pump electricity chance back to the suction of the urea, urea pipe to prevent urea urea pipe crystals, blocking the urea line. Detergent production equipment, therefore, to remind the driver friends here, no matter in what circumstance, within three minutes before the car to rest not necessarily can disconnect switch power supply, or it will form the urea urea aqueous solution not discharge pipeline, when cold perhaps long-term need not, all make the post-treatment processing system software pipeline of urea crystal, jam, form bigger effort. Urea defects on the common reason: 1. The lack of quantity of urea, query the surface labeling; 2. The application of urea quality closes nevertheless, 3. Urea gushing nozzle blocking other post-processing technology such as system software defects. A: on detergent really fuel-efficient?
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