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Airflow Drying Line

Airflow Drying Line

Brand: Meibao

Heating Method: Hot air furnace

Warranty: 1 Year

MOQ: 1 Ton/hour

FOB Port: Shanghai/Ningbo

Certification: ISO9001

Package: Export standard package

Service: Design, manufacture, installation, commission, training

Payment Term: T/T, L/C at sight, Performance Guarantee

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Product Information

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Airflow Drying Line


Drying materials



Heating method

Hot air furnace


High thermal efficiency, low energy consumption

Technology Characteristics

 The pulse airflow dryer has the characteristics of large drying strength, high thermal efficiency, large processing capacity and low energy consumption;

The system is operated under micro-negative pressure, the airtightness is very good and the work environment is smoke-free dust leakage;

Mature and reliable control system to ensure the uniformity and stability of product quality;

 The system has strong operability, small footprint and low investment.

Process introduction 

Plus Dryer. A strong mass and heat transfer process takes place in the pulse air flow dryer, 

resulting in rapid drying.

We provide process design, equipment manufacturing, installation and operation training for Airflow Drying Line.

The drying line is composed of wet material feeding system, hot air generating system,  drying system, gas separation system, screening cooling system and so on. After the wet material is dispersed, it merges with the clean hot air generated by the hot air furnace, and a strong mass and heat transfer process takes place in the pulsed air dryer, and the material is quickly dried. After the dry materials are sieved, airlifted and rapidly cooled, they are stored in the finished product bin for storage and packaging. The exhaust gas is dedusted through the dust collector and the discharge is up to standard.


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