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A complete set of detergent production equipment include which things

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Dishwashing detergent is a widely used products, everyone from individuals to the masses in the use of products. So if people use detergent production equipment in the production of detergent profits? Detergent production costs can be divided into two kinds. Is the first restaurant, hotel, school, tableware supplies company this detergent consumption bigger place, this detergent is generally 10 kg, 20 kg bottled essence that wash clean, the cost of production per kilogram 0. 2 - 0. 3 yuan, the market sales price in an average of around 1 yuan per kilogram. Average sales 1 catty bulk detergent is 0. 7 yuan of profits. The second for family, personal use namesake fizzy detergent, the detergent can be widely sales and market, supermarket, store, market, general for the 500 ml bottle and 1 l and 2 l barrels of detergent, the market retail price average for more than 4 yuan, wholesale prices in more than 2 yuan for each bottle, the production cost for 1 yuan ( Contains 0. Raw material cost and 0 6 yuan. 4 yuan a bottle) , a single sales profit wholesale 1 yuan, 3 yuan of profits. Detergent production equipment, depending on the production, we have different specifications of the equipment, the small simple detergent production equipment more than 3 - day 5 tons, suitable for household production. Medium-sized detergent production equipment, nissan 8 tons, suitable for small and medium-sized factories using machines, large detergent production line, nissan 20 tons, suitable for large-scale production enterprises. Buy equipment our company free training detergent production technology, from bulk production process to bottled production process, step by step guide teaching, on-site production operation. A complete set of detergent production equipment including water treatment equipment, mixing tank, filling machine, screw cap machine, labeling machine, code machine, sealing machine, and so on. Detergent production equipment for medium sized output make the below details: a set of water treatment equipment, Pure water standard) 1000 l of the equipment used to meet the demand of various industries for making purified water equipment, used in medicine, biological chemical industry such as chemical industry, hospital, the whole system are made up by SUS304L or SUS316L stainless steel material, and before the water point must be equipped with uv and ozone sterilization device ( Some countries do not allow the use of ozone, and system adopts pasteurized) 。 Purified water equipment core technology, using the latest technology of reverse osmosis, EDI is targeted to design a complete set of high pure water treatment technology, to meet the needs of purified water from pharmaceutical factory, hospital, large infusion water requirements. 1000 l stainless steel mixing tank according to customer's demand, this device can use different material of stainless steel, can mix liquid, such as: pesticide, liquor, wine, health wine, soy sauce, vinegar, coating and so on viscosity or no need to mix liquid viscosity, choose the constant speed or speed control. The solid or liquid before use in stirred tank, feeding while stirring, liquid mixing and put in storage tanks. High-precision quantitative filling machine this machine adopts the piston type principle, quantitative precision, convenient adjustment, reliable work. Parts contacting material are using 304 # stainless steel material, beautiful shape, various parts in the frame, compact structure, smooth movement, low noise. Quantitative regulator with fine-tuning mechanism, easy to fine-tune filling quantity. If the countertop with automatic in and out of the bottle, can match on the assembly line, automatic filling. Hand-held electric screw cap machine screw cap machine is easy to carry, can be easily used to tighten or unscrew the cap. Its adjustable clutch can effectively avoid the cover is damaged, and reduce wear. Once the cap screw, automatic stop rotating, is that indicates that you can be carried out under a cap. As you choose and support at the same time, it can be light screw cap machine, screw up neatly. This series of machine can effectively reduce the labor intensity, ensure the quality of screw cap. Code printer code printer is a kind of controlled by single chip microcomputer, non-contact inkjet marking system. Through the control of the internal gear pump or by machine external supplies of compressed gas, to a certain pressure in ink system, make the ink via a few microns diameter nozzle injection, respectively in different location of the product surface, form required for a variety of text, pattern identification such as the next article: principle of laundry detergent production equipment of the equipment is what? A: investment detergent factory upfront costs in what aspects?
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