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5 you laundry detergent knowledge in laundry mistakes every day

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
Speaking of washing clothes, a lot of people are not considered to be a technical work, lost all her clothes into the washing machine, to join the laundry detergent, open automatic washing mode even when completed. In fact, if the method is wrong, may be the washing the dirty. These wrong washing method, to see if you have made a few? Water wash all the clothes are the same. If you want to wash clothes clean, the water is very important. In general, warm water ( 30℃~60°C) For washing powder dissolves, increase the activity of the activated molecule, promote saponification grease dirt dissolved in water, improve the washing effect. Clothes in the water, fibre swells, wetting, stretch, because to form the heat resistance of different fiber fabric, clothing can withstand temperatures are also different: cotton best water temperature of 40 ℃ ~ 50 ° C; Wool is qualitative clothing 35 ° C water temperature around the most appropriate; Cleaning the hemp clothing, water temperature should be controlled in 30 ° C or below. Make a night to wash again. Many a bubble is a few hours before wash his clothes, and even one night, the longer think bubble wash clean, however, in fact, the opposite is true. Soaking time is too long, the chemicals in the laundry detergent and the stain clothing is more easy to decompose, stink. Water can't drain, time is long, will into the cloth fiber, make clothes fade, aging. In general, soak dirty clothes with 15 minutes advisable, even heavy layer of clothing, soaking time can't more than 30 minutes. Because the more the better. Wash the laundry detergent, the more the more bubbles, the easier it will be clean? Actually otherwise, because too much difficult to rinse clean, water and time consuming. After washing clothes is easy to made hard sensitive skin, when the crowd wearing easy cause allergies. Suggested to wash clothes, should be according to add half of the amount of laundry detergent specification, if the foam is less, then gradually increase. Hard to rub the stain. After clothes stained with fruit juice, soup, people tend to rub hard when washing, it will make the stain on clothes is more and more big, the even wear clothes. The correct processing method is: once infected with besmirch, should immediately with a clean cloth or paper towel blot, prevent contamination to other places, and then gently scrub with water and detergent. Washing is not dry immediately. A lot of office worker like morning put clothes into the washing machine and went away, clothes, etc. And left to back this evening. Wet clothes bacteria inside the washing machine for a long time, so should be within 30 minutes after the end of the laundry out to dry. Once inside the laundry in the washing machine more than one hour, you should redo it again. In the end, what need reminds is, washing clothes to deal the aftermath settlement. Average household washing clothes are in the bathroom, if it is not bright defending, must want to open a window for air after washing clothes, because the moisture from the washing machine out can lead to toilet humidity increases, create environment for mold growth. In addition, the washing machine to dry again after the cover after using it. Laundry detergent equipment prices detergent equipment next: an article on the prospect of development of laundry detergent: you really will use the laundry detergent?
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